Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tony Galento -vs- Jackie Gleason

Tony Galento -vs- Jackie Gleason
As told to Rocky Marciano 
Main Event 
Television Series 1961
16mm Sound Film Transfer 

Rocky’s Talk Show 

In 1960, former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano was contracted to host a boxing and interview program called Main Event.  Each of the 30 episodes included studio interviews between Rocky and a contemporary celebrity, actor or sports star.  The interviews lasted only a few minutes each, and were followed by the feature presentation being a recent or classic boxing match.  Some shows were better than others, but all the interviews were interesting, and the best ones were classic.

Here is the Jackie Gleason’s famous episode with Rocky Marciano, where Gleason describes his famous altercation with Tony “Two-Ton” Galento outside a nightclub.  

I also really enjoyed their refreshing and genuine conversation.

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