Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Collector's Note: 190 16mm Boxing Films Added to Archive

Collector's Note:

I have recently acquired a collection of nearly 200 16mm classic boxing films.  Most are in excellent condition.  I am happy to say that among the many reels of film are rare and/or rarely seen fight films.  As the material is cataloged and archived, I will be showing some of this material on this blog, including brilliant quality upgrades of copies that have previously been traded among collectors, or currently seen in low quality on Youtube.


  1. Great news, keep up the good work it much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for being so generous with your treasure!

  3. My name is Max Sherwood. I am the prop master on an upcoming film in NY.

    We have several scenes of our main character watching old boxing films on 16mm. 1982 Mancini vs Duk Koo Kim specifically and some others. We are working to clear the use of these films separately but also need them on film or as transfers.

    This is very preliminary but please let me know if you think you could help us.

    Please contact me any time at msherwood7400@gmail.com. We begin shooting in February so I would love to talk about this now.

    Thank you for your time.