Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marciano vs Moore – “Challenger and Champ Tune Up" 1955

16mm Sound, 8 Minutes

The Fight
Archie Moore’s ego was as great as his boxing skills. Moore, who had campaigned for years, finally won the light heavyweight championship in 1952 at age 39. He then set his sights on Rocky Marciano’s heavyweight crown, insisting he could easily outbox the undefeated champion. Moore gave his best in their exciting bout of September 1955, but Moore took a beating from Marciano and was knocked out in the 9th round.

The Movie
This buildup film shows Marciano and Moore in training for their fight, along with interviews. The presentation is typical of the day, low key as compared to today’s media hypes. And, it’s refreshing to see the calm confidence of both fighters.

The Video
This is an excellent 16mm print. I did some minor restoration to enhance the audio, but otherwise the film is well preserved.

It’s “24/7” circa 1955. Rocky Marciano and Archie Moore contrast their training and personalities in this buildup film.

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